Equity Dashboards

UCSF Health’s Efforts to Identify Health Care Disparities

  • UCSF Health is working to increase our institutional capacity to analyze our data by equity-related variables; these are variables that are predictive of the existence of health care disparities.  
  • Today UCSF Health is able to complete an equity-analysis by the patient’s preferred language, age, UCSF-derived Race/Ethnicity variable, and financial class group.  
  • UCSF Health is currently working to enable equity-analysis by sexual orientation, gender identity, and disability. This work is led by the Department of Quality and Safety’s Health Equity Division, the Data Equity Taskforce, and subject matter experts.   
  • Beyond FY23, UCSF Health will pursue efforts to enable equity-analysis by disability status, place, and social determinants of health.  

Mitigating Harm and How to Learn More 

UCSF Health is pursuing equity-analyses with the intention of increasing the awareness around the inequitable state of healthcare today and to share our commitment to the right of each individual to experience health equity, which is the absence of disparities in health and its determinants.  

Uncovering these inequities requires us to categorize populations by self-reported demographic characteristics. UCSF Health recognizes that any system of categorization risks further stereotyping a community and the potential for further traumatization. In order to mitigate these risks, we ground ourselves in an understanding of race as a social, political, and power construct with real consequences in clinical outcomes.

UCSF Health is committed to better understanding differences across populations in order to actively pursue improvement work that centers communities experiencing the most significant disparities and to ensure equitable access, experience, and clinical outcomes for all patients. 

Click here to access the Health Equity Division's Educational Resources to learn more.